Custom Molded Parts and Assemblies Products

General Installation Information

  • When installing urethane millwork always use non-corrosive nails or screws and urethane based adhesive
  • Urethane millwork is to be used for decorative purposes only. It should not be used for structural support.
  • Urethane millwork is easy to repair using automotive body filler or an exterior grade plastic wood filler.
  • Use spackle, plastic wood filler or latex caulk to fill nail or screw holes. Broken moldings can be rejoined using urethane based adhesive.
  • Paragon urethane products are factory primed. Painting of the product with an exterior grade latex paint is required. Follow the paint manufacturer’s recommendations for surface preparation and paint application. Paragon does not warranty or take responsibility for exterior paint performance.
  • Use a urethane based adhesive at all contact points to minimize the effects of expansion and contraction. Face nail or screw millwork in place before adhesive sets.
  • Urethane moldings will expand and contract with temperature change. To minimize these changes it is important to install molding as tightly as possible. We suggest over cutting moldings by ¼” for every 10’ then bowing the molding slightly in place. Fasten each end then work toward the center, flattening the molding in place with nails or screws. It is required to use a urethane based adhesive to all contact points to ensure a quality bond.
  • Paragon urethane millwork should be stored in a cool shaded area. It may be necessary to acclimate the product to the installation area. This may take several hours due to the high insulation value of urethane.

Limited Warranty

Paragon Custom Plastics provides to the original purchaser a limited lifetime warranty on polyurethane products. This warranty provides that Paragon products are free from defects in material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover wear and tear, damages from improper handling, improper installation, or unintended use.

This warranty requires that a finish coat of paint must be applied or the warranty will be void. Failure to follow recommended installation procedures will void this warranty. If a defect is found the customer must notify Paragon Custom Plastics in writing within 30 days of discovering the defect. Paragon Custom Plastics reserves the right to review the situation and determine if replacement or repair is appropriate. The warranty does not include finishes.

The Company’s liability is limited to replacement of the defective product only but not for any liability for labor, transportation cost, damage or other expenses of any kind incurred in connection with the sale or the use of this product. For return of any defective product Paragon Custom Plastics must first issue a Return Goods Authorization. Paragon Custom Plastics shall have no liability to any firm, agency, corporation, or individual for incidental or consequential damages such as, but not limited to, lost profits or sales, construction/finishing/renovation costs, labor, product damages by freight carriers, freight charges or the like. No customer or purchaser may take any deductions or credits against any amount owed Paragon Custom Plastics without the prior written consent of Paragon Custom Plastics.

This warranty gives you certain legal rights, and you may additionally have other rights which vary from state to state.